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Project Overview
HellCats - The Project

    HellCats is an international project founded by Axel DominatoR. Its goal is to develop a new generation of computers called HellCats, an operating system for these computers plus a virtual machine that will be used to simulate the environment of a HellCat before the hardware is developed and manufactured.

    One new thing about HellCats will be the global accessibility. For the machine itself, this means that any application (with appropriate access rights) can control the state of every device on the Hellcat, which includes the very elementary devices of the hardware, such as the activity indication LEDs at the front of the screen (the screen will have two displays: the normal screen, plus a little display at the bottom of the normal screen, that displays status icons), for example. Globally, this means that you can access and control a HellCat from any computer terminal in the world, provided a network connection exists.

    As mentioned earlier, a HellCat will first be a virtual computer. It runs on your current computer and uses what it finds to emulate a real HellCat. It will create an own partition (it can also use an existing Linux, UNIX or MS Windows partition to do this) where the HellCat OS will be installed. The Virtual Machine will be initialized by the kernel, which will be constructed from existing Linux and BSD kernels. The HellCat VM will initialize three processors, used to start all the other things. Miscellaneous hardware components (e.g. HardDrives, Printers, Scanners, etc.) will be directly accessed by HellCat OS instead of being emulated.

    One part of the hardware that will be emulated is the memory. For the HellCat, there are three different types of memory: FAM, RAM and NAM. FAM is Free Access Memory, RAM is Restricted Access Memory and NAM is No Access Memory (it can only be accessed by shutting down the piece, a processor for example, and rewriting it). An instruction set is stored in NAM type memory, for example. Restricted Access Memory, instead, can only be accessed by the HellCat Root; the kernel is stored there and some other valuable things that must not be touched by normal users. At last, Free Access Memory is the "usual" memory type we all know.

    The processors will also be emulated. There can be at least 3 to at most 27 active processors. A HellCat will initialize dynamic processors depending on the load balance or the various instruction sets (every HellCat processor will have a sort of "EEPROM", that will provide a dynamic set of instructions for each processor, so you can have two processors with graphics instructions, another with math instruction and three or four more with a generic instruction set). Unused processors will be shut down, so they won't take up performance and energy. HellCat processors are also unique in their architecure. They are a sort of ternary based symbol processors. The fundamental unit is the "symbol", a grid of 3x3 units (think of them as LEDs). Every "LED" can be shut down, or have three states of lighting: low, medium and high. All of the HellCat is based on these symbols. The HellCat Virtual Machine will then translate them to normal computer "bits" wherever required (for example when data is transmitted to the modem or to the CDROM drive).

    This strange architecture is required because HellCat will have an artificial intelligence system. In particular, it will emulate human brain logics.

    Well, that's less than half of what HellCat is capable of, but it should give you an idea of what we are doing to reach our goal: create a better type of computer ... a ComputerII!

    One last thing: to all those who didn't believe me ... here is the HellCat, you said that I could not do it ... you were wrong.

Axel DominatoR ^^^ HC
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